Wedding Receptions

The KC hall is ideal for wedding receptions as we feature a large bar room, modern kitchen and an experienced staff. You do not have to be a member to rent our facility. We can seat 300 guests.

Knights of Columbus Hall Wedding Reception Policies


A $600.00 deposit is required to confirm a definite booking for a wedding reception. This deposit will be credited to the final dinner invoice. If a cancellation occurs more than six months prior to the event, the full deposit will be refunded only if the KC Hall is rebooked for the same date with an event of equal or greater size. If cancellation occurs less than six months prior to the event the deposit will not be refunded.

Attendance Guarantee

The final number of guests attending your reception dinner must be guaranteed ten days in advance of the scheduled event. This number is considered to be your final guarantee and may not be lowered. Final charges will be based on this guaranteed number or the actual attendance, whichever is greater. The KC Hall will be prepared to serve 5% above the confirmed guaranteed number.


The full dinner payment of the guarantee is requested three business days to the reception. In the event that more guests than the guaranteed number are served payment of the additional charges will be billed. Direct bill payment is due upon receipt. Direct bill payment will be considered for beverages (beer, soda, bar tabs). This invoice payment is also due upon receipt.

Food and Beverage Policies

The sale and service of alcoholic beverages is regulated by the Wisconsin State Liquor Commission. As a licensee, the KC Hall is responsible for the administration of the regulations. Therefore, it is our policy that any liquor, beer or wine cannot be brought into the KC Hall from outside sources. ( Wisconsin Statute 125.32(6)). All beverages will be dispensed by a licensed bartender of the KC Hall. Everyone consuming alcoholic beverages must be 21 years or older. When free beer is offered , bartenders will ask for proof of age of those receiving the beer. If a guest purchases for, or gives alcohol to a minor, parties hosting the event are liable. All functions, including bars, must conclude by 1:00 A.M. According to code (DH&SS, Section 196.07),no food may be brought into the KC Hall from an outside source without the permission of KC Hall management. Wedding cakes and wedding favors are permitted. Any food or beverage that is left from the function is not permitted to leave the property due to KC Hall liability.

Decorations and Displays

The Knights of Columbus Hall does allow a limited amount of room for decoration on the day of the function. No decorations may be attached to the walls, ceiling tiles or floor without the specific approval of management. All decorations and displays must be removed at the close of the function. Tape, staples, hot glue, confetti, table glitter and streamers may not be used.
Decorations that result in excessive clean up by the KC staff will be subject to an additional fee. Decorating may begin at approximately 8:30 A.M. and must be finished by 10:30 A.M. for Saturday and Sunday functions. Deliveries of cake and set-up of entertainment must be completed by 10:30 A.M. Saturday morning or after 2:00 P.M. in the afternoon.

Food Minimum Policy

The KC Hall has a required food only purchase minimum of $2200.00 in order to reserve the KC Hall for a Saturday function. Please ask for details. Friday food only purchase minimum is $2200.00. The food minimum does not include bar or beverage revenue, nor does it include the 15% service charge or 5.5% state and local sales tax.

Menu Policy

4 weeks prior to the event, the KC Hall office must be informed of the menu selection. Banquet menu prices are subject to change due to fluctuating costs and can be guaranteed 60 days prior to the event. Because wedding contracts are signed many months in advance of the actual function date, be sure to check for pricing changes 60 days before your event for final price guarantees.


Responsibility for damages done on or to the KC Hall and club premises rests with the contracting party. Loss or damage of decorations or displays or other property brought on to the premises will be the sole responsibility of the contracting party.


As of January 31, 2009, there is no smoking allowed in the KC Hall in respect to the city of Fond du Lac smoke-free workplace ordinance 9.15

Hall Arrangement

The Knights of Columbus Hall has table arrangement options for dining room seating with 30 - 60 inch round tables and adequate numbers of 8 foot banquet tables available. All tables seat 8 guests.To assure proper service and comfort of your guests the KC Hall will use our discretion as to how the room will be arranged. Special seating arrangements may be discussed. Head table seating on the stage is limited to 14 seats.

Hall Rental Charge

Room rent for wedding receptions is $250.00. White linen tablecloths are provided. Linen napkins are available at an additional charge. Chair covers and other linen choices are available thru Model Cleaners (920-922-3800) or a vendor of your choice. As a service the KC Hall will cut and serve wedding cake in our standard method.

Video Equipment

The KC Hall has available a 55 inch flat screen television and DVD player available for your use.

More Information

Contracting parties for all banquets and receptions requesting alcoholic beverage service when minors are anticipated to be in attendance will be required to agree to the acknowledgement of Wisconsin state law prior to the event. Guests who are drinking to excess, in the opinion of bartenders or management, will not be served additional alcoholic beverages. A signed contract and paid deposit implies that the contracting parties have read and understand the above policies and agree to abide by the requirements stated in those policies.

The Knights of Columbus Hall now offers an outdoor wedding venue. This is available to anyone who has booked a date for a wedding reception. The hall would be available if weather is an issue. A maximum of 40 chairs could be set up the day of the receptio for a fee of $50.00. A sound system is available for use for a fee of $50.00. This includes 1 wireless microphone and 1 wired microphone with stands, sound mixer if needed, speaker system with the capability to play recorded music (I-Phone, I Pod, Thumb Drive, SD Card) with remote control.